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Jaguar Holiday Bonus - XJ Luxury Sedan Comes With IPOD and Motorola RAZR
By HSPN News covering Jaguar | Published  11/16/2006 | Jaguar , European Manufacturers , November , 2006 Archive | Rating:
XJ Holiday Technology Package Entices Customers With Video iPod and RAZR Phone
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IRVINE, Calif. November 14, 2006 – Setting the bar high, Jaguar will offer more than just an iPod or MP3 player connection in new vehicles, Jaguar will give buyers a custom 30GB Video iPod™ along with a Motorola RAZR™ when they purchase an XJ luxury sedan.

This is part of the new XJ Holiday Technology Package standard with all XJ sedans from November 13, 2006 through January 2, 2007. The package also includes the Audio Connectivity Module and Bluetooth wireless technology system to allow these products maximum functionality.

The customized black Motorola RAZR and Apple iPod are laser engraved with a Jaguar Leaper. The iPod also comes pre-loaded with video and music content, including: XKR: 90 Brand Film, XK “Attractive” TV Advertisement and Jaguar History Film.

The Audio Connectivity Module enables an Apple iPod to be integrated directly into the vehicle’s audio sound system. The Bluetooth system, which is now standard for all 2007 XJ models, provides primary cell phone functions through on-board vehicle controls such as steering wheel buttons, audio system keypad or touchscreen. Both factory built component packages are ordered and installed by the dealer, making it effortless for the buyer.

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